Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Read-a-Thon TBR

Good afternoon wonderful people! I am here to give you my tentative TBR list for the Thanksgiving Read-a-Thon, which officially starts today!!! I am absolutely horrible at sticking to TBR's, but hopefully I will succeed this time! Here is to hoping and to some awesome books!!! :)

I'm going to be realistic in my goals for this event, because too much pressure causes the opposite for me, and I tend to not read at all. So, I figure if I have a small list, and read more then that is a plus. But if I am only able to get through these few, then it is still a win in my book! Especially since I have been suffering from Uni induced stress (which means I haven't picked up a book for fun in months).

Without further ramblings, here are the books I plan on getting through this week!

This is the first book I plan on getting to during the event. I am actually going to pick this up as soon as I finish and publish this post. I haven't heard much, if anything, about this book, and that is what intrigued me the most. I received the sequel for review, so I figured I might as well get this one read sooner rather than later.

I am definitely excited about getting to this one. It seems a lot different than what I normally read, so I look forward to sharing my thoughts on this with you all sometime this week!

Also, it's fairly short, coming in at 301 pages, so perfect for a read-a-thon! :)

I just want to point out that I am not putting this in my TBR simply because it is a graphic novel and I can get through it quickly (that, like the previous book on my list, is just an added bonus). I have other motives for putting this on the list.

One of those is that it is a library book, and needs to be returned soon. And frankly, I am tired of checking out books from the library and not getting around to reading them, or getting charged fines because I keep them too late. So, I have added this to the list now.

Another reason is for a class I am taking. It centers around the Holocaust, and I figured I would fit this in during my Thanksgiving break, rather than trying to read it at the end of the semester, when everything is due and I am swamped.

Plus, I am intrigued on the entire premise of the cat and mouse portrayal as well as the graphic novel format.

The reasons for this addition are completely identical for the first in the series, so I won't repeat any of it here.

I will add that when I finish this graphic novel, it will be the first completed series I will have! I tend to not read on in series, so this will be a momentous occasion for me once this graphic novel is finished! :)

So, those are the 3 books I plan on absolutely getting to this week! Hopefully I read more, and if I do, then I will have an update/reviews for each as the week progresses! I hope you all are planning some great books, and I look forward to chatting with you all about them this week!

Much reading!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Read-A-Thon Information

Good evening everybody! I wanted to hop on here and make this quick post announcing an event that I am taking part in that is literally right around the corner...literally, it starts Sunday! I know, I am late in making this post. But I have excuses, really good, okay. Well anyway, here is the post late! :)

This is, as the title of the post suggests, information on the Thanksgiving Read-a-Thon. This will be the first year for it, or at least the first year that this group of bloggers will be doing it. And I hope you all decide to join in and read some awesome books over Thanksgiving break. And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, or it's not that week, well join in anyway, and call it the Late November Read-a-Thon! :)

So, the dates for this Read-a-Thon will be from 11/23-11/30, and on each day a different blog will be 'hosting' either a challenge or a particular post. Everybody is encouraged to take part, it's just a kind of share the load type of thing. 

11/23- TBR Posts
11/24-Spelling Challenge 
11/25- Books You are Thankful For
11/26- Teaser Challenge
11/27 (My day...and I will have a giveaway on my blog that day!)- Throwback Books
11/28- Most Anticipated Books
11/29-24 Hour Reading Challenge
11/30- Wrap Up Posts

Opal's Blog
Tanya's Blog 
Yanira's Blog
 Gina's Blog 
Once Upon a Time's Blog

Please join, and comment, and just spark some awesome conversations about books this coming week! I hope you all have a great reading week, and I look forward to talking to you all!!! :)