Saturday, May 16, 2015

Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward

Title- Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward
Author- Tom Waltz
Illustrated- Steph Stamb
Acquired- Borrowed from a friend
Rating- 4 Stars

IDW Publishing returns to the darkest corners of Konami’s Silent Hill. When hitman Jack “The Pup” Stanton runs away with his mob boss’s wife, he thinks he’s finally put his murderous past behind him. Instead, Jack and his lover take a wrong turn into Silent Hill and quickly learn that some sins are impossible to escape. Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward is written by Tom Waltz (Children of the Grave) and illustrated by Steph Stamb (Angel: Masks).


So, Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward is a graphic novel I never would have picked up on my own. There are multiple reasons for this, one being I had no idea it existed, along with the entirety of the game franchise. It's just not something I have ever had the desire to keep up on. And the second reason that I can think of is that it's horror. I'm not big on horror anything, let alone something that will plant the images in my mind, and ultimately give me nightmares. This graphic novel gave me nightmares, but I found myself enjoying it anyway....

So, I am going to try and touch on some points of the graphic novel that I, somebody who had no experience with the story or games, found interesting, or ones that I didn't like.

 First off, the graphic novel was very atmospheric. I felt that throughout the entirety of the 'novel' that there was this ominous feel to the story. Granted, there was, but it was nice that while reading it I felt the mood around me shift also. What added to this was that I felt that the town of Silent Hill was alive. Like the town itself was making all the decisions, and the people/monsters were just it's puppets. I think that added to my enjoyment of the story because that's creepy as hell that a town decides things, especially when it comes to death and what not.  Another thing to the atmospheric feel of the graphic novel were the 'monsters' themselves. I liked the creepy characteristics they had throughout the story. It added to my nightmares, but was an awesome addition to the story.

I did have a slight issue, and I think it's what took a star off for me. And that was that I felt that where as there was so much character depth for the main few characters, the few 'side' characters were extremely flat and one dimensional. I would have loved to know even a little bit more about the old man in gas station. Like what is his role in the story, why does he seem to be immune to the town? Also, the gang that was sent after Jack and Jill (haha, just caught that!!), it would have been nice for a little more on them. I know it's a short graphic novel, but I feel that I have seen side characters fleshed out more in even shorter works. So, that was disappointment for me.

The last thing  I want to touch on is the art. I think it was point on and fit the mood and feel of the graphic novel so well. Going into the story, I knew the tone and how the story would play out just by the art style. And that was nice touch. Even though horror isn't my genre of choice, I don't want to be looking at a graphic novel intended to be horror but with these upbeat bright stills. So, I thought that the illustrator and writer did a perfect job making an overall creepy as hell graphic novel!

I would recommend this to those who enjoy this type of graphic novel. Even if you aren't familiar with the games, I think it can still be enjoyable, because I didn't know a lick about the story/world, and I still really enjoyed this!!